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The plan

Cosimo’s passion for cooking started early. After graduating as a chef from Montecatini’s Istituto Alberghiero (Hotel Management School), he has had various valuable work experiences in Italy and abroad (France, Slovenia, and Germany). These have helped him to further develop his experience in the field and to refine his skills. Ten years ago, thanks to his significant experience, he decided to start his own business in Montevettolini and later in Montecatini. In 2011, he opened the Officine di Mare, a well-regarded seafood restaurant that mainly offers dishes based on seafood cold cuts.

The plan originated with Cosimo’s idea to focus above all on these delicious and original fish cold cuts, with the idea of marketing them online or selling them directly at the Officine di Mare, supplying them to individuals, restaurateurs, and all those companies (not just restaurants, but also food shops, takeaways, fishmongers, large retailers, etc.) that want to become retailers of the “” brand.

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